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Russia renews ‘dirty bomb’ claims, conducts nuclear drills, tests cruise missile


At a time when the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine are at their worst since the invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin monitored drills of the country’s nuclear forces which involved the launch of ballistic and cruise missiles. The drills were organized to simulate a “massive nuclear strike” by Russia in case of any danger to the country, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the Russian President.

The drills follow multiple warnings by Vladimir Putin about Russia’s readiness to use “all means available” against any danger on Russian territory.



Russia launched a Yars land-based intercontinental ballistic missile from the northern Plesetsk launch site while a Sineva ICBM was launched by a nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea. Tu-95 strategic bombers also launched cruise missiles at practice targets, during the drill exercise.

Kremlin said in a statement that all objectives of the drills were achieved and all the missiles that were test-fired reached their designated targets.

The drills also came at a time when NATO is conducting its own annual nuclear exercises, Steadfast Noon in northwestern Europe. The drills include around 60 aircraft, including US long-range B-52 bombers and fighter jets with the capacity to carry nuclear arsenal, but not live bombs.

Drills in Russia over land, air, and sea have taken place on annual basis to train the nuclear forces of the country and also showcase its military might. Such exercises were also conducted by Russia, immediately before the invasion of Ukraine.

The US State Department informed that Russia complied with the terms of the last US-Russia arms control agreement and notified Washington about such drills. US President Joe Biden also said on Tuesday that Russia gave notice of such intended drills.

The drills also came at the moment when Russia is accusing Ukraine of planning to detonate a “dirty bomb” in a false flag attack to blame Russia. “We know about the plans to use the so-called dirty bomb for provocations,” Putin said on Wednesday.

The Russian Defence Ministry also called in Chinese and Indian counterparts to discuss the details of the “dirty bomb.”

Ukraine rebutted such claims by Russia and accused Russia of playing mind games while itself planning such false flag operations.



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