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Solar Eclipse 2022: Don’t and Don’ts to stay safe during ‘Surya Grahan’ tomorrow


A partial solar eclipse will occur tomorrow, 25 October 2022, the next day to the festival of Diwali (3 Kartika, 1944 Saka Era). The eclipse will start in India before dusk in the late afternoon and will be visible from most of the places. However, the ending of the eclipse will not be visible from India as it will be in progress after sunset.

It will also not be viable from few eastern parts of the country including Andaman & Nicobar Islands and north-eastern cities Aizawl, Dibrugarh, Imphal, Itanagar, Kohima, Sibsagar, Silchar, Tamelong etc.

Viewing the eclipsed Sun with the naked eye is not advised even for a very brief period of time. Even when the Moon blocks the majority of the Sun, it will still damage the eyes permanently and result in blindness.

Here are some dos and don’ts to take care of your safety during solar eclipse.

Dos during an eclipse

1) The safest way to view the solar eclipse is either by using the right filter, such as aluminized Mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14, or by projecting the image of the Sun using a telescope onto a white board.

2) Before even looking up at the sky during a solar eclipse, NASA advises eye protection.

3) Drive with your headlights on during the eclipse.

Don’ts during an eclipse

1) It is never advisable to substitute regular sunglasses for solar viewing or eclipse glasses.

2) Avoid using your camera to record the eclipse. If you are not wearing the appropriate glasses, there is always a chance that the Sun’s intense rays will harm your eyes.

3) Keep kids away from eclipse viewing areas if you don’t plan to be there to supervise them. 

How does solar eclipse occur?

When the Moon passes in between of the Earth and the Sun and all three objects are in line, a solar eclipse takes place on a new moon day. When the lunar disc partially obscures the solar disc, there will be a partial solar eclipse.

When will next solar eclipse occur?

The next solar eclipse that will be visible from India is expected to occur on 2 August, 2027. It will be a total solar eclipse. From all parts of the country it will be seen as partial solar eclipse.











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